Our story of happily ever after began way in 1997, when we set out as crafters of gift ware. In the two decades since we’ve built up a large client base or retail and business customers from companies requiring bespoke signage to event planners needing something special to decorate for their clients.

We’re forever adding to our design range. Not a day goes by when we’re aren’t struck by a new glittering idea. You could say that we’re an inspired bunch, and we’ve recently invested in our own state of the art machinery to unclip our wings and allow us to create a brand new range of products & accessories.

99% of our products are designed right here in house, in the heart of Lincolnshire. Being family-run, we take pride in everything we do – no matter how little. From the first few sketches of a new product, to the final touch of paint to complete a piece.

Our unique creations are as far as you can come from mass-produced products. For us, it’s an affair of the heart… a genuine passion of our designers (most of whom have spent their lives perfecting their art).


Why buy Handmade in the UK?

Your unlikely to find anyone else with the exact same item

Handmade products are usually created by someone who loves what they do. Most designer-makers have spent most of there lives perfecting their art. It’s a labour of love and that is usually apparent in their work

Companies who hand make their own items tend to have lower overheads so the price you pay is for the materials and the work involved in making the items you purchase. Their prices are not inflated to cover hidden costs such as air freight, warehousing, distribution etc.

Goods which are handmade in the UK are both good for the environment and the economy